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Behind-the-scenes stories of some recent listings

Sloatsburg, NY

This is a beautiful newer construction house.  Prior to my listing the home it was listed for five months with a large franchise firm.  It looked like it had been abandoned. The yard was overgrown with weeds, rain gutters filled to the brim and ‘yellow water’ in the toilet. It did not appear the house had been maintained since the sellers moved out.  Upon listing the house, we prepared the home for sale.

• Blue rooms painted a neutral color to match the rest of the home.
• Staged interior with light neutral furniture giving the rooms dimension.
• Placed a large dining set on south-facing patio to give area purpose.

• The street-view was improved by planting Agapanthus along the exterior fence (requiring heavy drilling to dig the holes) which provided a clear view of the entry gate.
• We cleaned up the courtyard by cutting back the bush blocking the front door, relocated the plum tree and Hydrangea and replaced them with Bougainvillea and Agapanthus to compliment the home’s stonework.
• The neighbors commented that the house looks amazing now and thanked me for the transformation.





Tuxedo Park, NY

Prior To Towne and Country
The house had been on the market for 4 years with 4 other agents.

Towne and Country takes over as the Broker
After cleaning/staging the house we had an accepted offer in 31 days.

Upon entering the home, I observed a lawn chair next to the fireplace for agent use during open houses with no other furnishings.  There were clumps of dust bunnies and dog hair imbedded in the curtains, well-used carpet runners on the stair case, dirty windows, a barely filled exterior fountain with thick green mold, overgrown trees and bushes blocking the house from the front view and empty planter boxes. The house looked and smelled like it had been sitting vacant for a long time.

My crew came in and cleared the landscaping, planted fresh flowers, micro cleaned the house (including the curtains) removed the stained stair runners and made the home look fresh and ready for a buyer. After the staging and cleaning the house we had an accepted offer in 31 days.





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